ACS 5000 air cooled

Medium voltage AC drive for control of standard motors from 1.7 to 7 MW, up to 6.9 kV

The ACS 5000 combines well-proven, highly reliable components, which have been used in thousand of drives worldwide, with the Voltage Source Inverter Multilevel-Fuseless (VSI-MF) topology. This simplifies the drive, increases its reliability and efficiency and results in the most application-friendly high-powered drive available in the market.

The air-cooled ACS 5000 is typically used for applications such as fans, pumps, compressors and mixers.

Features & benefits:

  • For standard induction, synchronous and permanent magnet motors
  • Air cooling
  • Available with integrated or separate input transformer
  • Monitoring tool for remote real-time access to the drive available
  • Fast and accurate control performance due to DTC
  • High reliability due to low parts count
  • High system efficiency due to VSI-MF topology, IGCTs and DTC
  • Small footprint due to high power density
  • Optimal network friendliness due to 36-pulse configuration


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