SACE Tmax XT4 circuit-breakers with new Ekip E-LSIG electronic trip unit

2011-05-17 - The new moulded-case SACE Tmax XT4 circuit-breakers combined with the updated Ekip E-LSIG electronic trip unit are also able to offer a compact solution for monitoring data regarding energy consumption, power quality control and identification of any inefficiency in the low voltage distribution switchboard (general and sub-switchboards), for application fields ranging from smart grids and critical powers to heavy industry.

This solution integrated in a circuit-breaker allows in-depth knowledge of the electric plant operation to be obtained, ensuring running costs are kept down, increased efficiency and, no less important, reduced environmentally harmful emissions. Furthermore, it simplifies design and installation and allows preventive and programmed maintenance.

Apart from the traditional protections against overloads (L), short-circuits (S,I), earth leakage (G), the latest generation of the Ekip E-LSIG electronic trip unit has also been designed to carry out protection against overvoltages and voltage dips for loads ranging from 16A to 250A with service voltages up to 690V AC.

Thanks to integration of current and voltage sensors, the trip unit carries out both measurements regarding the main electrical ratings, such as currents (class 1), voltage (± 0.5%), power and energy (class 2), and recordings of the most advanced indicators for quality of power, such as power factor, frequency, harmonic distortion and total harmonic distortion (THD).
The measurements are either carried out under self-supply (starting from 0.5xIn in single phase) or with the electronic trip unit supplied from an auxiliary power supply.

Adjustment of the protection function settings can be carried out manually using the special dip-switches on the front of the trip unit, or electronically with the Ekip T&P accessory, the Ekip Display unit or by means of communication systems with Modbus-RTU protocol, such as the Ekip Com dialogue unit.

As well as the settings and the status of the circuit-breaker, the electrical rating measurements can be monitored remotely by means of the Ekip Com communication module and simultaneously displayed on the Ekip Display or Ekip LED Meter (units which can be applied onto the front of the trip unit) or on the display on the front of the HMI030 panel.

By using the MOE-E unit, a stored energy motor operator, it is possible to carry out remote control of the Tmax XT4 circuit-breaker, whereas the Ekip TT and Ekip T&P instruments can be used for carrying out complete trip unit testing and programming.

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